Avoid These Foods to Protect and Prolong Teeth Whitening

Avoid These Foods to Protect and Prolong Teeth Whitening

June 1, 2022

Are you considering teeth whitening to brighten your discolored teeth? You will find different methods of whitening your teeth in drugstores and groceries. You might even receive advice on at-home remedies, which some people claim an effective.

While your discolored teeth might be noticeable to everyone, do you know why they have discolored? You might have surface stains on your teeth from the foods and beverages you consume, intrinsic stains on your dentin from infections, injuries, and other reasons. You can also develop discoloration because of excessive fluoride and medications during childhood.

Your desire to have whiter and brighter teeth complement your smile is justified. However, unless you understand the discoloration, you will likely use a remedy inappropriate for your teeth and might create more harm than any good. Therefore before you consider any teeth whitening treatment, you must discuss your problem with the dentist in Jackson, MI.

Instead of trying over-the-counter remedies or at-home treatments to whiten your teeth, you do yourself a favor by seeking teeth whitening near you from a dentist, providing a simple, pain-free, and adequate remedy with visible results within the hour.

How Do Dentists Whiten Teeth?

Dentists do not whiten your teeth unless they assess the reasons for their discoloration. When you visit the dentist’s office seeking teeth whitening treatments, they initially examine your teeth to determine whether you have extrinsic or intrinsic stains. You also get a thorough dental cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. The dentist proceeds with teeth whitening treatment only after the above procedures.

When whitening your teeth, dentists use concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution to deliver instant results within 90 minutes. Your cheeks and gums receive protection with cheek retractors and rubber dams before the dentist applies the whitening ingredient four times during the hour at 15-minute intervals each. Heat and light accompany the whitening treatment to accelerate the ingredients and give you a brighter smile faster than expected. At the end of one hour, the dentist requests you rinse your mouth and receive a fluoride treatment.

Dentists provide teeth whitening near you in Jackson, MI, improving the color of your teeth by three to eight shades allowing you to leave their office flashing off your new smile. However, the dentist advises you to avoid the following foods if you intend to protect and prolong the results of teeth whitening.

What Foods Must You Avoid after Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Coffee and Tea

If you find it challenging to quit caffeine, you must try to limit your consumption of the beverages for a couple of days after whitening your teeth from the dentist. Caffeinated drinks, besides staining your teeth, also dry out your mouth to invite stain-causing bacteria. In addition, additives like flavored creamer and sugar can also worsen your stains.

Red Wine

Do not expect the Jackson dentist to allow you the freedom to have your regular glass of red wine because it is a significant cause of staining. Red wine can stain anything it falls on, and your teeth are not an exception. After having your teeth whitened by a dental professional, it would be a waste of time, money, and effort if you stained your teeth by drinking red wine.

Acidic Fruits

Premature stains can develop on your teeth by having acidic foods. For example, citrus, oranges, and lemon acids can eat away your tooth enamel, making stains more likely. Therefore, you must avoid drinking lemonade, grapefruit juice, orange juice, or margaritas made with fresh lime juice days after you receive teeth whitening treatments. It would be even better if you limit the consumption of these foods or beverages and make it a habit to minimize them as best possible.

Cold Foods

Teeth whitening treatments are pain-free and straightforward when you get them from a dental professional. However, you can expect mild food sensitivity for at least 72 hours following the treatment. Your teeth remain sensitive to frozen desserts, iced or cold beverages, and other foods after your teeth whitening treatment.

Getting a brighter smile from the dentist comes at a higher price than over-the-counter remedies. After investing in your smile and getting brighter teeth, you desire the optimal way to protect and prolong the results of teeth whitening by avoiding the foods suggested.

Iocca Family Dentistry provides effective and painless teeth whitening treatments in Jackson if you wish to brighten your teeth. Kindly contact them for the procedure, remembering the advice provided in this article to prolong the whitening treatment results.