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Having a full set of functional teeth is crucial to your dental and oral health, your speech and appearance, proper digestion, and your overall confidence. When a tooth is lost, space is created which, if not filled, will result in the surrounding teeth shifting in order to fill the space. This can lead to difficulty chewing, speaking and being able to properly clean teeth in order to prevent gum disease.

A bridge replaces missing teeth with natural-looking, artificial teeth. The two most common types of bridges are:

  • Traditional Dental Bridge: A traditional bridge consists of one or more fake teeth (pontics) that are attached to dental crowns. The dental crowns cemented on the natural teeth that are prepared adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth.
  •  Implant Supported Bridge:  These bridges are used when you have more than one missing tooth in one area. Instead of the fake tooth/teeth being supported by natural teeth, these bridges are supported by dental implants. Most often, one implant is placed for every missing tooth and a separate crown is placed on each implant. However, if multiple teeth are missing in succession, the implants crowns may hold a Pontic or fake tooth in between them if placing an implant for each missing tooth isn’t an option.

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