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Dentures are not only for the aged anymore. People of all ages and walks of life who have lost their teeth due to injury or disease have opted for dentures or partials to restore their biting surface and smile.

  • Full Dentures: Complete dentures replace all of your teeth on the upper and lower arch of your mouth or both. Dentures provide support for your facial muscles and restore your ability to eat a balanced diet. There are two types of full dentures:
    • Immediate Complete Denture: During the healing process following extractions, the bone and soft tissue continue to change significantly over the six months following extractions. This results in the immediate denture feeling loose or not fitting as well as it did right after extractions. It is for this reason that we recommend fabricating a new definitive complete denture six months to a year following extractions.
    • Definitive Complete Denture: Complete denture replaces an existing denture, whether you’ve had it for several years or you are moving to your permanent denture after the immediate denture has served its purpose.
  • Partials: To replace one or more missing teeth that are surrounded by your natural teeth. They can attach to your natural teeth in several ways and prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting.

Iocca Family Dental uses the latest technology to create dentures and partials that look natural and make it easier to eat, speak and smile confidently. Dentures may take a while to adjust to, but as long as you practice good oral hygiene, they should help you enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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