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Have you been advised that you need an endodontic treatment? If so, you are not alone. Millions of Americans undergo endodontic procedures each year to save and restore damaged teeth. With today’s modern dentistry, many dental specialties opt for Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) to gain further training and expertise. We, at Iocca Family Dentistry, are proud to offer outstanding care at our state-of-the-art facility. We are all about keeping your smile healthy for a lifetime!

Common Endodontic Procedures

Root Canal Therapy: A root canal treatment is necessary when the tooth pulp, the soft tissue inside a tooth’s root canal, becomes infected or inflamed due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures, or cracked teeth. Additionally, an injury to a tooth may cause damage to the tooth pulp, which if left untreated, can result in pain or an abscessed tooth.

The root canal procedure involves removing the damaged pulp and cleaning out the area, then filling the root canals with a material known as gutta-percha. We will place a filling and a temporary crown while we get your permanent dental crown fabricated. During a follow-up visit, we will attach your restoration to your tooth to protect it and restore it to its full function and appearance.

Apicoectomy: In this procedure, our endodontist will open the gum tissue near the root to expose the underlying bone and to remove all inflamed or infected tissue, along with the end of the tooth root. We may place a small filling to seal the end of the root canal and may use a few stitches to help the gum tissue heal properly. With time, the bone around the end of the root will heal, restoring your tooth’s health and full function.

Apexification: A procedure we use to stimulate the tooth root development or the closing of the root end is apexification. An open apex may be found on teeth that are immature, or not fully developed, or in teeth with roots that have been eroded away by a process called resorption. Our endodontists are trained to treat this condition through apexification, which involves forming a hard tissue barrier at the end of the tooth root with an open apex, allowing us to seal the tooth root in a traditional manner.

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