Four Problems with Braces You Can Avoid with Invisalign

Four Problems with Braces You Can Avoid with Invisalign

August 19, 2021

Braces have established their role in orthodontics and are an excellent solution for complex problems with the bite and the positioning of the teeth, but everyone does not prefer them. Adults do not like the thought of experiencing some of the issues you have to encounter when you wear conventional braces.

Braces have specific problems, but here are four that you can avoid with Invisalign treatment from Iocca Family Dentistry. Conventional braces, despite being the most effective solution to deal with complex situations, come with several problems that adults find unsuitable for themselves. We are providing the four most important issues you will encounter if you are compelled to wear traditional braces because of complexities with your teeth.

1. Problems and Restrictions

A set of problems and restrictions accompanies braces. You cannot eat the foods you love or even stick to your oral hygiene routine to maintain optimal dental health. You must avoid biting into apples, having sticky foods like caramel candy during the holidays, or chewing gum for freshening your breath. Your oral hygiene routine will take more of your time when you use special tools to get around your brackets and under the wires.

If you are suitable for Invisalign therapy, you can forget the problems and restrictions with disdain because the clear aligners are removable. No changes are necessary for your diet or oral hygiene routine while getting your teeth straightened.

2. No Embarrassments

Adults are not thrilled when recommended braces to correct the problems with their teeth. Unfortunately, they endure it keeping in mind their eventual goal to achieve a beautiful smile. Adults do not prefer feeling self-conscious or awkward with their appearance like it would have been at some point during adolescence.

Avoiding any embarrassment of an effective but unsophisticated orthodontic solution like traditional braces is challenging, but with Invisalign, it’s a breeze. The clear aligners are customized for your teeth and fit without hinting that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. You can continue with the procedure without compromising your smile because of the virtually invisible clear aligners allow you to have a sophisticated appearance.

3. Pain And Discomfort

The sensitive soft tissues within your mouth, like your lips and inner cheeks, will experience discomfort with traditional braces. You risk irritation, scrapes, and sores from the hard edges of the brackets and the poking wires. You can expect appointments with your orthodontist to cause discomfort when the cables are tightened as it is the only way your teeth are pulled together with this option to leave you with many days of soreness.

Invisalign is altogether different because it is provided as trays to wear for a couple of weeks at a time. With every new tray replaced, your teeth are repositioned incrementally subtly and gently. The aligners do not have any rough edges because they are made from clear dental-grade plastic and a smooth and comfortable in your mouth.

4. Extended Waiting Time with Braces

Traditional braces are the most effective method for straightening teeth and but for their effectiveness, they would not be used in the present day. Fortunately orthodontic treatments have seen significant innovations over the last two decades, and metal braces are no longer your only choice unless you have complexities that cannot be corrected by Invisalign. However, Invisalign is an ideal alternative to get the beautiful and straight smile you always desired.

If you find this discussion convincing, you must schedule an appointment for Invisalign braces with Invisalign in Jackson. It will be challenging to continue carrying the burden of a smile that you are unhappy about regardless of whether it is for a day, several years, or your lifetime.

The dentist in Jackson, MI, will evaluate the problem affecting you and take impressions with a digital intraoral scanner and also allow you to visualize your smile after treatment with Invisalign that delivers results faster than conventional braces. You just need to schedule an appointment with the dentist 49203 to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign. We are confident you are excited and undoubtedly heading for the telephone to book an appointment with Iocca Family Dentistry to have your teeth straightened with a virtually invisible alternative from Invisalign.