How Long Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Last?

February 1, 2023

A beautiful smile is always a work of art, a wonderful site to behold. One of the traits of a beautiful smile is bright white teeth. That’s why celebrities will pay for an arm and a leg to get a top-dollar smile. In a way, this makes most patients think that getting a gorgeous smile is far-fetched. However, it isn’t! Teeth whitening in Summit Township, Michigan, is available to ensure that anyone who wishes to revamp their smile can do it.

Even though dental technology has evolved, and there are many options for whitening your teeth, nothing beats having your teeth whitened in the dental office.

But the thing about teeth whitening is that people want their smiles to remain bright. So, let’s explore how long it lasts, some of the ways teeth get stained, and the benefits of in-office teeth whitening.

So, How Did You Teeth Get Discolored?

Yellowing of the teeth might be because of several factors; however, many people usually associate yellow teeth with poor oral hygiene. This might not be entirely true. Take a look at some of the ways your teeth got stained:

  • Food and Drinks

Food is essential for our sustenance. But whenever you enjoy your favorite curry or dark-colored fruit, you deposit teeth-staining substances on your teeth. Even when you brew a delicious cup of coffee before you head out for work, remember that with every sip, your teeth are turning yellow.

In other words, certain foods and drinks contain tannins and chromogens, which stain teeth. The foods and drinks could be curries, dark-colored fruits, red wine, coffee, and tea.

  • Smoking

No substance can stain your teeth as tobacco. It contains brown tar and nicotine, which is colorless and seems harmless but turns yellow when it interacts with oxygen.

  • Medications

Some of the prescription medication you might get from your local store to deal with an infection could have teeth staining as a possible side effect. So, always check the label.

  • Aging

Aging teeth will always have a thinner enamel, which means that the inner dentin will be somehow visible, causing the teeth to seem yellow.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Deal With Dental Stains?

Professional teeth whitening is by far the fastest and most effective method of whitening teeth. In-office teeth whitening still uses the same teeth whitening agent that you will find in other whitening agents (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide).

Our dentist in Jackson, MI, will cover the mouth’s soft tissue to protect them from irritation when they come into contact with the bleaching agent. The next step is to apply the gel, which is absorbed quickly by the enamel.

The peroxide will release free radicals, which will be released and break down the stains reducing the intensity and making your teeth look brighter. In a few moments, your smile will be brighter than ever.

How Long Does the Results of Teeth Whitening Last?

After our dentist has bleached your teeth, the ball will be in your court. As mentioned earlier, in-office teeth whitening is the most effective way to whiten your smile. You will come in during your lunch break to get your smile whitened, and your smile will be renewed in an hour.

But when you go home, you will be entirely responsible for how long your smile remains bright. In any case, the effects of teeth whitening might last between one and three years.

Remember that the length of time that you expect the effects of teeth whitening to last will depend on some factors, including:

  • Eating and Lifestyle Habits

Remember that you should be cautious with what you eat. If whatever you are taking can stain a white t-shirt, your teeth will follow suit.

If you use tobacco products in one form or another, your bright smile will soon be tainted.

  • Type and Degree of Stain

There are two main types of stains that you will notice in most people. Intrinsic or internal stains, caused by trauma, medication, and aging, are deep stains that are much harder to eliminate.

Extrinsic or external stains are caused by smoking, food, and drinks, and most teeth-whitening solutions will easily deal with these stains.

  • Oral Hygiene Habits

Your oral hygiene habits are also key. It would help if you cleaned your teeth after meals to ensure that your teeth are stain- and bacteria-free.

The Takeaway

Professional teeth whitening near you is an effective way of whitening your teeth. However, you will need to watch your lifestyle, eating, and oral hygiene habits to keep your white smile shining for a long time.

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