How to Prepare for Botox Therapy at Cosmetic Dentistry?

How to Prepare for Botox Therapy at Cosmetic Dentistry?

July 1, 2023

If you are tired of hiding aging signs with makeup, botox near you can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. The treatment also offers an outcome that looks natural and subtle. Although some fear is common, you can prepare for the initial visit by taking a few essential steps.

Preparation Tips for Getting Botox Near You

Before, during, and after getting your first botox appointment, keep in mind the following details. Let us check this out.


Understand Botox Treatment 

Although botox is a beneficial treatment, it comes with certain risks. These include drooping eyelids, redness, headache, etc. Therefore, make sure you read the ins and out of the procedure before you go in for your first appointment.

Talk About the Medicines

A few days before the ​Botox in Jackson, MI, the doctor will ask you to stop taking certain prescription medicines. It’s because few medications do not mix well with Botox. These include muscle relaxers, allergy medicines, and blood thinners. Therefore, if you take supplements, medicines, and herbal remedies, speak to your doctor immediately.

Plan Your Appointment at a Suitable Time

Getting Botox shots can be a stressful experience, mainly if you never had the treatment before. Therefore, make sure you plan your appointment carefully. For example, fixing the first appointment in the morning is a good idea. It allows you to bypass a long waiting queue.

Moreover, scheduling your treatment a few weeks before any important events can be helpful because it is common for bruising to occur.

Do Exercise 

Exercising is the best method to repair yourself mentally and physically for the treatment. Walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, or doing other cardio exercises can help.

Set Your Mind at Ease

Before your first botox appointment, it is essential to relax yourself. Listening to music, meditation, and reading are great ways to reduce anxiety for the upcoming procedure.

Prepare Your Face

A greasy face during the administration of shots can lead to an acne outbreak. So, make sure your face is neat and clean. A combination of water and soap will help you cleanse your face while minimizing the risk of infection.

Use arnica and ice topically on your face to minimize the risk of bruising before and after the botox. But avoid using sun tan, facial or chemical peel before your appointment.

Don’t Skip Your Consultation

Before getting a botox injection, always speak with one of the top ​cosmetic dentists in Jackson, MI, about things that might be bothering you. The expert will give you the best answer and will ensure the procedure is comfortable.

The doctor will ask about your medical and health history during your consultation. This data is essential to ensure the treatment plan is appropriate. Therefore, make sure you tell the processional about the following:

  • Your existing health conditions.
  • Previous surgical treatments
  • Anti-aging treatments that you may have tried.

Make Yourself Ready for Recovery

The road to botox recovery is simple. Patients only experience a little bit of pain and other discomforts, which usually fade off after some time.

Below are the essential tips to follow for fast recovery:

  • Avoid exercising for nearly five hours after the procedure.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Do not rub your ice.
  • Refrain from rubbing or massaging your face harshly. It will give the Botox treatment time to settle in your facial muscles.

Consume a Light Meal and Make Yourself Well Hydrated

Before your botox appointment, take care of what you consume. Make sure you have a light meal and sufficient water to ensure great results.


Prepare Yourself for Numbing 

For the injection, the doctor injects botox using a micro-needle. Before the injection, the doctor uses a topical cream to numb the skin for nearly 15 minutes.


Stay Upright

After the botox, it’s a good idea to keep yourself in an upright position so that your facial muscles settle properly and ensure good results.

Avoid Heavy Activities for the One to Two Days 

Following your botox shots, avoid engaging yourself in aggressive activities. It is okay to perform a low-impact workout or a walk.

If you are thinking of erasing your frown lines and wrinkles, get in touch with experts at Iocca Family Dentistry today.