Dental Implants in Jackson, MI


After losing a tooth, it’s vital to replace it before you end up losing more of them. When a socket remains empty, your healthy teeth will start tilting because it no longer is supported by the missing tooth. The teeth replacements that more people are taking an interest in are dental implants.

Why are Implants Popular?

After losing teeth to trauma or decay, patients want to replace them with realistic substitutes. While our dentists at Iocca Family Dentistry have many replacement options to choose from, more people are interested in getting the full functionality of teeth that they can get with dental implants in Jackson, MI.

Along with looking like a real tooth, an implant can maintain your jaw density by stimulating the bone to continue growing. When a tooth is missing from your jaw, that part of the bone can stop growing and shrink. If there are several teeth along the jaw missing, your cheeks can start to sink in because of the shrinking bone and make you look older. There are many more benefits of having implants for missing teeth.

However, if you have an implant, chewing food pushes down slightly on the tooth, causing the root to move slightly and it stimulates the bone to continue growing to maintains its density.

Implant Choices

Implants near you are available in three sizes or platforms. Along with the regular tooth-sized implant, our dentists can help you choose from implant-supported bridge, or All-on-4, All-on-5, or All-on-6 options, which replace an arch of teeth.

Our dentists near you will recommend different platform sizes for an implant depending on where it’s going in your mouth. The platforms range from standard, wide, or mini-implant sizes. The standard size replaces teeth at or near the front of the mouth and is available in two sizes, 3.5 mm, and 4.2 mm diameters.

The wide implant platform replaces the premolars or molars at the back of the mouth. Their sizing is 4.5 mm to 6 mm diameters. Finally, a mini-implant is often used in jaws without sufficient density or space for the standard-size platform. They also support the All-on 4, 5, or 6 arches.

If you’re missing teeth and are considering implants to take their place, call our implant dentist in Jackson, MI at Iocca Family Dentistry about getting your teeth evaluated to determine if they are right for you.

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