Dental Sealants in Jackson, MI

Dental Sealants in Jackson, MI

Although having good dental hygiene habits prevent tooth decay, sometimes small children need more help. They are not great at brushing teeth due to their lack of coordination, but dental sealants can give their added protection.

Is a Dental Sealant Safe?

Some kids don’t take the time to brush or floss their teeth properly, and if their parents don’t have good oral hygiene, they don’t have someone whose habits they can imitate. To help them out, our dentists at Iocca Family Dentistry can add a sealant to their teeth. A sealant prevents food particles from getting in between or in the crevices of teeth and breaking down to form cavity-causing bacteria.

Before placing a sealant on their children’s teeth, most parents want to know if the sealant is safe. Sealants in Jackson, MI consist of a plastic material that our dentists brush on molars and premolars, which are the back teeth that do most chewing.

A sealant can contain low amounts of bisphenol A, or BPA, which has links to problems with the brain and prostrates of fetuses, babies, and children. It may also influence children’s behavior, according to some studies. However, because BPA is present in only low levels in a sealant, the FDA has deemed them safe.

Our dentists in Jackson, MI are aware of the presence of this chemical, but they can assure you that the sealant they use is safe. If they were not safe, we would not recommend them for children’s teeth. Also, if you’re worried about the presence of BPA in a dental sealant, there are BPA-free brands.

How Long Does a Sealant Last?

Before applying sealants near you to teeth, our dentists do a thorough examination to look for decay. Teeth need to be decay-free before sealing them, or you would be wasting time and money.

A sealant lasts about 10 years, but it may need occasional maintenance. They can tear or wear down, so we will apply more sealant to repair the existing one on your child’s teeth. If you’re concerned about avoiding cavities on your children’s teeth, consider asking one of our staff about getting dental sealants at Iocca Family Dentistry.

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