Root Canal Therapy in Jackson, MI

Root Canal Therapy in Jackson, MI

Pain in your tooth is a warning that something is wrong with it. This pain usually indicates tooth decay and possibly a cavity. If you ignore that warning, the cavity will worsen, and it can go deeper into your tooth. If it goes into the pulp of your tooth, then our dentists at Iocca Family Dentistry will need to do root canal therapy near you to clean it out before the decay can spread further.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Once they call you back for your appointment, one of the first things a dental assistant will do is take x-rays of your teeth. These images help our dentists in Jackson, MI see your teeth beneath the gums. This view will show them where the decay is on the image and help them form a treatment plan.

If the decay appears to be deep in the tooth, a root canal will be necessary to get into the tooth to clean it out. It will require our dentists to drill into the tooth where the cavity is and clean out the pulp. The pulp contains the soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels within a tooth. By cleaning it out, they can get rid of the decay and then sanitize it so that no bacteria are left, and the decay cannot spread.

Packing the Tooth

After cleaning it out, our dentists near you will use tiny files to reshape the canals, then pack the tooth with a substance called gutta-percha. This material is from Malaysian trees and is heated before it goes into the tooth to help seal it.

To complete a root canal, our dentists may use a temporary dental crown to cover the tooth to protect it until a permanent crown replacement is available. Since the restored tooth is weak, the dental crown will prevent the tooth from cracking or breaking when you’re biting down on food or another tooth while talking.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, make an appointment with our dentists at Iocca Family Dentistry to have your teeth evaluated to discover if you need root canal therapy in Jackson, MI.

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