What to Expect During the Denture Fitting Process?

What to Expect During the Denture Fitting Process?

May 1, 2023

When getting dentures to replace missing teeth, you may have concerns about them. However, receiving dentures offers many benefits, and the process is more straightforward than you imagine. In addition, knowing what to expect when getting dentures fitted can help ease potential concerns.

Whether you lost a single tooth or all your teeth, the dentist in Jackson, MI, can help by providing dentures suitable for your specific needs. However, dentures are only over-the-counter appliances you place in your mouth with help from an experienced dentist. You must also endure the fitting process requiring multiple appointments with them before you get the prosthetics customized and fitted in your mouth.

When getting your dentures fitted, you can expect the following steps to take place.

  • Mouth Preparation

Your dentist must prepare your mouth by removing some teeth before giving you a temporary denture. The dental professional will take you through the steps explaining what to expect and offering advice for the period later to keep you feeling comfortable and informed.

  • Denture Fabrication

Whether getting a partial denture near you or complete dentures, expect your dentist to take impressions of your mouth and work with you to choose your tooth shape, size, and color. The Jackson dentist will work with the dental laboratory to model your dentures from the impression.

  • Initial Denture Fitting

After fabricating your dentures, your dentist will invite you to try them and let them remain in your mouth until your next visit when any adjustments needed are made. When the final partial denture in Jackson, MI, is fitted, your dentist will instruct you on the best methods to care for your artificial teeth.

When you visit the dentist for a consultation to discuss the appearance and feel of the denture, it helps if you have a family member accompany you for support. Taking some of your old pictures along also lets you choose dentures matching your natural teeth. When selecting your first partial denture, it helps if you choose carefully to ensure you will feel confident when wearing the prosthetic.

  • Adapting to Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth and will not feel natural and your mouth. However, it is normal because your tongue and facial muscles must get used to the alien appliance. As a result, you may need help managing everyday tasks like eating and speaking. However, with some practice, without rushing can get back to your usual self in no time.

You receive advice on maintaining the dentures from the dentist and using tools like cleansers and adhesives if required. In addition, the devices will make you feel more confident while wearing your partials.

Time Taken to Get New Dentures

The time needed to get new dentures depends on your specific situation and may take months from your initial appointment to the day you feel confident wearing your new dentures. You should expect to visit the Jackson dentist four to five times over six months after every three to six weeks. However, the time span varies between patients.

If you had a tooth or several teeth extracted, you must wait for your gums to heal before you discuss getting dentures with your dentist to restore your mouth functionality.

If you want immediate dentures, the dentist can help you prepare them beforehand and provide the prosthetics on the day of tooth extraction. However, the dentures will need frequent adjustments with relining because your jaw changes shape when healing to loosen the denture. Eventually, you must have another set fabricated by the dentist because the periodic adjustments will make the existing denture inefficient for your mouth.

After getting your new partials, you must clean them daily, just like your natural teeth. Partial dentures do not remain fixed in your mouth and require removal every night for cleaning and storage. While you can wear the denture throughout the day, you must allow your gums to rest by removing the appliance and cleaning them to ensure they remain fresh.

Denture fitting may seem tedious, but it is a requirement because the dentist must fabricate the artificial teeth to appear and feel natural. Best of all, the appliances must function like natural teeth and remain reliable replacements for missing teeth.

If you need a partial denture in Jackson, Iocca Family Dentistry provides high-quality artificial teeth to satisfy your desire. Do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with them to discuss your needs requesting the type of dental prosthetic you need.